Why Brow Powder Is Best Product For Fine, Sensitive Brow Hairs


Don’t get me wrong, pencils are top notch for creating tiny, hair-like wisps—just perfect for filling in sparser areas without creating any shadows. But if, like me, you have superfine and sensitive brows, even the softest tipped pencils can grab onto the hairs and tug against the follicle. 

Most pencils contain waxes (candelilla, carnauba, etc.) that help the pigment adhere to the brows and hold shape, but they can also grip the fine hairs while you create precise strokes. Yes, brow gels also typically contain these same waxes (it’s what helps tame the arches all day long, after all), but running a spoolie through the brows tends to be much gentler on the hairs than prodding them with a pencil, especially if you wield the tool with firmer pressure. 

And if your brow hairs are already dehydrated and on the brittle side? You can actually pluck out those delicate strands. As a result, my brow stylist told me, I’d only be scheduling more and more tints, wondering why my poor brows won’t appear full. 

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