How To Use Feng Shui For A Fresh Start At Home


One of the best ways to ensure that your space continues to inspire you is to set it up to promote self-care. If you feel better when you’re meditating a lot, keep your meditation pillows in your favorite spot for a break in the day. If you love to unwind with scent, scatter aromatherapy candles, essential oils, or incense in every room. If you want to do more yoga and stretching, take your mat out of the closet and keep it handy so you can reach for it at any time. Pile the books you most want to read next on your coffee table for easy access. Having these things around you can make it infinitely easier to remember to refuel yourself and keep up with your wellness practices at home.

All these simple ways to tap into fresh energy are customizable, so do what’s most exciting to you. Most of all, have fun with all of this! The more excited you are, the more you’ll catalyze big energy shifts around you before you even begin.

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