How To Harness The Moon In Leo


Fierceness is on-trend, as the year’s only new moon in Leo powers up this adventurous, action-oriented fire sign on August 8, 2021 (at 9:49 a.m. EDT).

When the cosmic jungle ruler takes charge, confidence soars and we’re ready to prowl for new and entertaining options. Bonus: The 2021 Leo new moon coincides with the 8-8 Lion’s Gate, a powerful portal that opens up every year as our Sun aligns with Sirius, aka “the spiritual Sun,” generating high-frequency energy that is here to help us evolve.

With the 2021 Leo new moon buoying everyone’s romanticism, it may be hard to focus on anything super practical. (Yes, even though Venus and Mars are both in Virgo during this new moon.) While we can’t completely blow off our daily duties, taking regular screen breaks is a must. See what happens if you turn your focus toward synergy, spark, and opportunity. Park your inner cynic in the timeout chair for one day. A curious attitude and willingness to experiment could blow the roof off your limited beliefs.

Leo is also the ruler of the heart and spine. At a time when the world is endlessly filled with fear and uncertainty, it’s time for some true heroes to emerge—with plenty of “backbone” and a whole lot of love. If you’re feeling a call to leadership, this lunar lift is like a launchpad to your chosen throne. 

This new moon will square humanitarian Uranus in Taurus, which can curb some of the self-serving tendencies that are the downside of the prideful Lion. During the 2021 Leo new moon, your best moves don’t just draw applause, they lift up the people around you.

Here are six transformative tips for making the most of the 2021 Leo new moon:

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