Want To Boost Your Relationship? Go on a Running Date With Your Partner | by Marta Brzosko | Runner’s Life | Jun, 2021


After a while, boredom and a sense of mundanity creep into most romantic relationships. If you’ve been with each other for a while, maybe you sometimes catch yourself wondering:

“Is this it? Are just going to eat dinners, watch Netflix, have sex, and go to bed together? Is this what being in a relationship means? And if not, then how can we revive that excitement we used to feel at the beginning?”

When I moved in with my boyfriend, it became obvious very soon that if we wanted to keep our relationship interesting, we needed to make an effort. Otherwise, we might end up reliving the same day over and over.

Luckily, running together turns out to be a great way to bring back the spark in your relationship.

Another study by Arthur Aron and peers noted that couples who engaged in “novel and arousing activities” tended to experience greater satisfaction in their relationship. In their paper, the researchers proposed the following recommendation:

“Should further work in a more applied context support this basic finding, shared participation in novel and arousing activities would represent an easily managed route for improving experienced relationship quality and relationship behavior that could be adopted by anyone, including couples who are not adept at verbal exchange.”

This is big! The authors basically suggest that even if you and your partner aren’t great at talking to each other, engaging in “novel and arousing” activities can strengthen your relationship. Running happens to be a great example of introducing both novelty and arousal.

For the arousal part, we already covered that. Physical activity can stimulate your body in a way that resembles romantic attraction. The novelty part is also simple to achieve if you choose new routes for your runs, change the speed and duration of workouts, or go to explore completely new locations while running.

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