Pajamas That Will Make You Throw Away Your Old T-Shirt


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My mom and I agree on most things, but for as long as I can remember, we’ve been at a stalemate regarding one controversial topic: pajamas.

Since I started dressing myself, I’ve been an avid member of the oversized-shirt-as-pajamas club (much to my mom’s dismay). My reasons are many: needing to consistently locate two pieces of a set, wearing pants to bed, not caring enough to spend money on them—the list goes on. But after finally going to the dark side and investing in a nice pair myself, I’m here to admit that my opinions were far from correct.

After converting to a full-time pajama wearer, my PJs are giving me daily joy that my ratty old T-shirt couldn’t dream of. I look forward to putting them on every single night and feel like a million bucks when I do, which makes me wish I converted a long time ago. No matter who you are or what your sleepwear preferences are, these pajamas are good enough to convert even the biggest pajama naysayer amongst us:


For the first timer

If you’d rather throw on your old, worn-in T-shirt than pajamas, ease into them with one of these classic sleep sets.

For a sleepover or girl’s trip

When you’re going on a trip or are planning on spending the night somewhere, odds are, you’re going to be seen in your sleepwear, which means you want it to be extra cute. These pairs are ones you’ll be happy to be seen in.

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Pajamas that can pass as loungewear

If you’re having guests over or simply like to lounge around for a bit when you wake up, a pajama set that can pass as loungewear is your ticket. These ones are made for sleeping but look like they could just be chic matching sets (no shame if you wear them all day).

If you prefer sleeping naked

It isn’t uncommon to prefer the feel of sleeping in your birthday suit, but lucky for those of us who are averse to wearing clingy fabric while we sleep, these sets feel like nothing at all—but look as cute as can be.

If you’re always cold 

If you’re chronically freezing (or just like to crank your AC up when you sleep), these full-length sets will keep you warm and cozy underneath your layers of blankets.

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