Why You Should Use Eye Cream On Your Lips & How To Apply


It’s official: After several months of brushing off a bold lip (who can see it under a mask, anyway?), we are once again reaching for lipstick. In fact, April’s lipstick sales have climbed over 80% compared to the same period last year—a promising sign for the product category, even if the numbers haven’t yet soared past pre-pandemic levels. 

But before you swipe on a statement color or your favorite my-lip-but-better hue, there’s something you should know: Don’t sleep on the prep step. Meaning, you’ll want to establish a hydrated, supple base before donning the lippie. Not only will the extra layer make the color last longer, but your pout will appear smoother and crinkle-free, too. 

So what should you use for this first layer, you ask? You certainly have options, but one expert, in particular, says you may want to prep your lips with eye cream. Yes, you read that right. 

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