What To Do If You’re Anxious About Socializing After Quarantine


Finally, try not to get anxious about being anxious—feeling awkward in a new situation is normal! And at this point, formerly mundane activities, like grocery shopping or visiting the office, may actually feel new due to the lengthy lockdown. To mitigate some of the stress, try keeping your initial outings short.

In other words, ease into your revived social life: go into the office for just an hour and pick up just one thing from the store to limit the time spent in there. Try to practice slow, deep breaths when you’re out and about to help your body stay relaxed. You may also want to plan for extra sleep or downtime during your initial phase of returning, since the brain might need extra idle time to process the changes.

If you need even more support, don’t hesitate to seek out a therapist and check out my quarantine transition tips.

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