What Is Jamu? How To Make The Classic Healing Indonesian Tonic


The term “jamu” specifically refers to natural herbal tonics that people take to maintain good health, prevent illness, and treat ailments. Most Indonesians believe that one should drink jamu daily to stay healthy. And if illness does strike, healers can draw on generations of knowledge and experience to fashion jamu recipes that alleviate symptoms and help the body to fight overall unwellness.

But the idea of jamu encompasses more than healing potions. The jamu tradition states that robust good health is best achieved and maintained by addressing a person’s needs as a whole. This includes what you put in yourself, what you put on yourself, how you listen to yourself, and how you seek support and comfort through close connection to a larger community. 

Hundreds of jamu brands, each with a distinct blend of active ingredients and flavoring agents, reflect the cultural diversity of the Indonesian archipelago. Below, you’ll find the recipe for this well-being jamu:

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