What Does It Mean To Be A Free Spirit? 15 Signs & Traits


Let’s start by breaking down this term: “Spirit” relates to a person’s soul, and “free,” of course, means freedom from anything that might constrain or limit that soul.

As spiritual author of The Self-Love Experiment Shannon Kaiser explains, free spirits often don’t live by the rules or follow traditional paths. And it’s not because they want to be troublemakers, renegades, or rebels, she adds, but rather because “they live from their heart and are comfortable living outside their comfort zone.”

Professional intuitive and the author of Self-Care for Empaths Tanya Carroll Richardson explains that free spirits are one of many “soul archetypes,” like the warrior or the healer. “In my experience with clients,” she notes, “some people just come into this life more naturally free-spirited.” She notes this can look like living unconventionally, with an aversion to being boxed in or tied down.

“They often have a healthy joie de vivre,” Richardson says, adding they enjoy trying new things “and light up or sparkle when they feel safe to be uninhibited.” Kaiser notes these folks also listen to their own inner guide rather than the outside world, wherever it may take them.

“In truth, they just hate to be bored and crave lots of different experiences,” Richardson says.

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