This Chakra-Balancing Morning Routine Helps Ease My Anxiety


Finally, I take a moment to check in with myself before starting the day. This is when I take stock of where I’m at in life and consider the areas that might be dragging me down or making me anxious.

I try to remember that life is constantly presenting us lessons, whether they are through relationships, surroundings, situations, or emotions. I finish my routine by thanking the universe for the many lessons that it keeps on sending me. 

Then, at night, I gather my hands and pray to thank all the good forces for giving me a meaningful life. Even though life can feel complicated and stress-inducing at times, I find that connecting with a higher power reminds me that I have a story to tell, and I shouldn’t let anything—especially not bouts of anxiousness—stop me from doing so.

While this is only my individual experience, I’ve found my anxiety to be so much more manageable when I listen to my body, trust my intuition, and keep a consistent routine every morning that prepares me for the day ahead.

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