These Are The Best Protein Sources For Heart Health, Study Says


Beyond the world of red meat, there is somewhat of a hierarchy of ideal protein sources for supporting heart health.

According to the research, legumes are the recommended red meat substitute in a heart health focused diet—up to four servings per week of 180 grams, specifically. In case you’re not sure, legumes include beans, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, soybeans, and peas. While peanuts may technically be a legume, they’re better categorized with the other nuts—this research recommends around a handful (30 grams) a day, but not as a primary protein source.

Recent evidence also supports fish as a substitute, though in more moderate amounts: two to four servings of 150 g per week. The researchers do point out that there may be sustainability concerns to making fish a primary source of protein, but there are some more sustainable fish options that could be a great fit.

Poultry, in up to three servings of 100 grams per week, was found to be a relatively neutral source.

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