mbg Greens Powder Reviews: Nutritious & Convenient*


“I love veggies, but I don’t always have the chance to eat as many servings per day as I’d like. Enter veggies powder! I knew I could likely mix this into smoothies and enjoy it, which I certainly did. However, I really wanted to test this product by adding it to other things, like my overnight oats, for instance. The results were amazing! It mixed in so well, no gritty texture, no harsh/bold flavors. It paired so well with berries and gave my oatmeal a very rich flavor. So easy to add in and such a bonus getting all the benefits (some of my favs being anti-inflammatory properties and increasing my intake of sea veggies) of this product all before 9 a.m. My next attempt will be adding this to banana nice cream for an end-of-day treat and attempt at more veggies. Give this a try, even if only for your smoothies or for any other daring culinary adventure, and I think you’ll be pleasantly satisfied and surprised!”*


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