How To Transmute Sexual Energy


First, it’s important to understand what “transmutation” actually means. “Transmutation is the conversion of one element into another, so it’s changing one state into a different state,” Alexandra Roxo, spiritual teacher and author of F*ck Like a Goddess, explains to mbg.

Sexual transmutation is taking the sexual energy that’s building inside you and channeling it into something else. “You’ll let that physical energy build up,” clairvoyant intuitive Catharine Allan notes, “and you purposely don’t release it in that sexual way.” You could, of course, channel it directly into physical sex, as so many do, but if you need a little extra oomph of creative energy or physical might, holding off on the sex and using that energy elsewhere is the idea of sexual transmutation.

Allan notes that it isn’t unlike tantric sex, which is also all about sexual energy and sacred sexuality. Edging, for example, is a popular practice for men in tantra—and that’s actually one way of transmuting your sexual energy. And just like in tantra, sexual transmutation doesn’t always have to involve a partner (see tantric masturbation).

Ultimately, sexual transmutation is about “keeping the power of that energy that’s building and rising and wants to release and going for a run or painting, etc., to apply that,” Allan says.

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