How To Cook Frozen Mushrooms For Easy, Umami-Packed Meals


Brace yourself for a dramatic sentence: My life changed when I found these frozen shiitake mushrooms by Woodstock (on Amazon). Whenever I want mushrooms, I grab the bag from the freezer and throw them in the pan—no tender cleaning required. What’s now, there is nothing like the flavor of shiitake mushrooms. I’m not a food writer, so I won’t bore you with an impression of one—but the exquisite taste of this product, plus the ease of use, makes me feel like I’ve uncovered a secret treasure.

Whether you want to add a little something-something to your morning eggs or you’re throwing a bunch of veg together to top pasta, the frozen mushrooms make it a breeze to get these immune-supporting powerhouses in your diet.

You don’t have to go with the variety I suggested (although I highly recommend); this is merely a heads up that whatever type of mushroom you prefer, remember frozen is an option. So to start, I recommend sticking with one variety and cooking it on its own in a nonstick skillet with a bit of avocado oil to see how it browns. Once you get a feel for how they cook up, you can toss them in a stir-fry, an omelette, or really any dish that could benefit from some mushrooms. I’ve found the bags of frozen mixed mushrooms aren’t as easy to evenly cook, due to varying sizes and pieces. So I’d stick with one variety.

No more washing grime away, no more delay to lunch. Mushrooms are on the menu (quite literally) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the snap of a finger.

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