When The Relationship That is “The One” Doesn’t Last | by Ria Vanessa Caliste | Hello, Love | Jun, 2021


In some instances, there is the rebound relationship.

This is one entered into to stave off the loneliness and pain of facing the end of the relationship you had hoped would have lasted a lifetime.

This is usually short lived, as while physically present in the relationship there is no emotional connection or ability to form any meaningful partnership at this time.

Another way in which one may cope might be to become depressed.

Simple things like getting out the bed, going to work, running errands become difficult, if not impossible to do, as you navigate the emotions of loss and grief.

In some cases, the partner who remains, stays stuck in time and constantly believes that at any moment the departed partner will return, as such nothing is done, no changes are made, as they await the return of “the one”.

Unfortunately there is no right way for coping, as we all differ, so our ability to deal with the loss of a relationship that we hoped would have lasted a long time will impact us all differently.

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