Determining if You Are Attracting Jealousy | by Synthia S. | Jun, 2021


While some of us are susceptible to jealousy, the research suggests that it’s often tied to low self-worth. For example, someone who is a narcissist might mask their gusto with insecurity. That barrier between gusto and insecurity is often thinner than a balloon — a single pop will cause the individual to deflate themselves.

A deflated balloon unmasks the person — and the person lashes out, causing unnecessary tension and conflict.

When targetted by others, they will diminish what you did, and throw their insecurities onto you. Stepping out of character, they will undermine the positivity generated by others and act like you did something incredibly easy.

In one sweeping motion, you’re left confused, outraged, and dazed.

Perhaps this person was always kind to you. Perhaps this person never bullies others. Perhaps when others shower you with praises, they look impatient and unemotional, and gradually tear your room down, until you feel like you are not worthy of love.

Yet, you did something amazing. No amount of scrutiny is going to undermine that — even if they romanticize the hard labour that went into that achievement.

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