The Best Wedding Guest Dresses for Photos


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Out of all of the events to dress for in adult life, finding a look to wear to a wedding always feels like trying to find a puzzle piece that actually got kicked under your couch six months ago. No matter what, finding great wedding guest dresses is anything but easy.

There aren’t many events we go to that we know photos will be taken at (and displayed on social media and walls for years after), so the pressure is always on to look photo-ready, not unlike what we felt while getting ready for prom senior year of high school. You don’t want to show up to the Christmas party in a dress you hate and be doomed to look at photos of it on your cousin’s mantel until the end of time, so the solution is to cut your losses and find a dress that’s great to be photographed in.

If you have weddings coming up this year, save the stress and time of perusing the sites of a dozen stores and opt for one of these options instead.

Ready to be the best-dressed guest? Look no further.



Of all the wedding formality specifications, “black tie” definitely sparks the most fear. But one that’s also confusing? Being told the attire should err on the casual side.

Obviously, we’re not talking jeans-and-a-T-shirt casual, but finding a dress that hits the perfect mark of being wedding-appropriate but not too formal can leave a big question mark in your head. These will ensure that you’re dressed perfectly for the occasion.



For the average wedding, this is probably the attire you’re going to go for. Weddings are elevated events by nature, so a dress that you wouldn’t wear on any old night is usually the right call.


Black Tie

If you’ve experienced the “What do I wear to a black-tie wedding?” question, you know it isn’t easy to find something to wear. According to Brides, black-tie attire is commonly considered a floor-length gown, but if a gown isn’t in the cards for you, a formal cocktail dress can also fit the bill.


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