6 Ways to Style an Oversized Denim Jacket


If there’s one article of clothing that has truly stood the test of time, it’s a well-loved denim jacket. While the silhouette of it has changed a bit over the years (oversized to fitted to fitted-cropped and back to oversized again), our love and trust for denim jackets have grown alongside them.

And while grabbing a denim jacket on the way out the door despite what outfit you’re working with usually suffices, thoughtfully styling a denim jacket can be a bit tricky. If you want to hop on the oversized denim jacket trend, have no fear. Here are six fashion-forward ways to style it:


1. Over the shoulders with a button-down cardigan and statement jewelry

The perfect early fall outfit combination exists, and this button-down cardigan + oversized denim jacket situation is it. When temps are chilly in the morning but wildly warm in the late afternoon (cough, cough, Chicago weather, we’re talking to you), having an extra layer to use to your advantage is absolutely essential. And when function meets fashion, we’re all ears.


2. With a contrasting matching set

This near-perfect outfit combination can be achieved in one of two ways: first, as a contrasting workout set for a casual vibe, and second, as an elevated matching set for the coolest brunch outfit of all time. No matter the occasion, this ensemble will be sure to save you the next time that you catch yourself downward spiraling into the all-too-familiar outfit crisis.


3. As a Canadian tuxedo

Denim on denim looks equal parts cool and effortless when done right, and achieving it is one of the easiest outfit formulas in the book. Whether you opt for similar shades or contrasting denim, pair it with a simple top and chunky sandals for a fashion-forward look that has proven to stand the test of time.


4. With a delicate dress and chunky boots

This look really screams, “She can do it all!” With a perfect mix of delicate and grunge, this outfit is sure to turn heads and get you street compliments you weren’t even looking for. If you want for a fit that’ll give you main character vibes all day long, this is it.


5. With a white fitted shirt and a printed skirt

We love pairing a perfectly dainty, curated midi skirt and heels with a casual denim jacket almost as much as we love using the “continue watching” feature on Netflix. This look will effortlessly take you from a downtown lunch to an afternoon at the museum and beyond, and we find ourselves turning to this outfit time and time again.


6. With a button-down shirt and wide-leg trousers

She’s comfortable, she’s cool, and she is the moment. This oversized denim jacket, white button-down, and wide-leg trousers look is a fit that you didn’t know you needed. It works beautifully as a uniform for a day in the office, and paired with gold jewelry and an elevated shoulder bag, it transitions beautifully into happy hour drinks and a night out.


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