Trust Your Intuition When Mercury Enters Cancer


For a few days, forgiveness is easier, spiritual studies are enhanced, inspiration is a-plenty, writer’s block is banished, and good news flows

Until July 27th, when Mercury leaves Cancer (see how quick that is!), we have the chance to think tender thoughts, to communicate with softness, and plug our sensitivities into more nourishing, creative, spiritual and healing outlets. While the contemplative and compassionate nature of Mercury in Cancer will broadly apply, check where Cancer is in your chart to see what specific areas of life may call for emotional reorganization. Is Cancer your 3rd house? Then siblings, content, short-distance trips and habitual learning may require your caring attention or instigate a more emotional response from you. If Cancer is your 6th house, then you may think about ways to add more care and ease into your lifestyle.

Think more about radical acts of self-care and where they need to be even more radicalized

On July 20th, Mercury will form a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. For a few days, your ideas may be radicalized and electrified. Uranus encourages liberated and innovative thought, and the sextile to Mercury allows those thoughts to be realized through flashes of insight and eureka moments. Events that force you to think outside the box and on your toes may present themselves. In the signs of Taurus and Cancer, Uranus and Mercury are conceiving of new ways to value, nourish and care for ourselves, our communities, and our planet. This transit may ask us to think more about our radical acts of self-care, and where they need to be even more radicalized.

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