Spice Up Your Life With The Perfect Ginger Mixer | by afrobella | Aug, 2021


Barritt’s Ginger Beer — sweet, not too spicy, perfect as a standalone soda or mixer for a mule.

Bruce Cost — you’re likely to find actual ginger chunks in a bottle of this. Excellent range of flavors, if you’re open to trying ginger ale with passion fruit and turmeric in the mix, for example.

Bundaberg — strong brew that feels brewed, great flavor, best as a mixer.

Canada Dry BOLD — the clever ads with the grandma got me! This Canada Dry varietal has a nice little kick to it but isn’t crazy spicy (to me).

Cock and Bull — said to be the original brew that inspired the Moscow mule. This is definitely a mixer, not meant to be sipped as a soft drink. Heavy ginger flavor.

Fever-Tree — Fever-Tree makes a ginger ale, not ginger beer — it’s light, sparkling, not too sweet. Makes for a refreshing mixer or mocktail.

Q Mixers — Q Mixers are my faves right now, they don’t play with the ginger and spice! They make both ginger ale and ginger beer that’s got a great spicy kick in it, due to the chili pepper. Intended as a mixer only.

Reed’s — Reed’s makes ginger ale, ginger beer, and ginger candies just in case you needed a garnish for your mule or dark n’ stormy. I’ve enjoyed Reed’s as a mixer, a mocktail, and just a beverage.

Virgil’s — This handcrafted soda brand is known for root beer and black cherry soda amongst others, but their new sugar-free ginger ale is also excellent, refreshing and great for a lighter version of your usual mule.

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