A Kobe and Gigi Sneaker Sold For $3,500 And Vanessa Bryant Is Heartsick Over It | by Adena Jones | Jun, 2021


So the retailer messed up by sending the wrong shoe, but the real question is this: How does a shoe not meant for sale end up at a retailer?

Furthermore, the shoe was intimately designed by Vanessa and included tributes to both her husband and her daughter, Gigi, who also died in the 2020 helicopter crash. Details like the number 2, Gigi’s jersey number, the black-and-white colorway for Gigi’s team colors, and the inside of the shoe featuring wings, a halo, and a butterfly were all unique to this leaked version of the Kobe 6 Protro.

Vanessa Bryant created this Instagram post in June 2021. Screengrab: Instagram

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